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Building a Diorama: Britains Top Tips

by Britains

Posted on November 4, 2022 - 9:00am

Having an extensive collection of iconic Britains models is a brilliant achievement for model farmers, however the best way to present these has to be in a convincing, crafty diorama!

What is a diorama?

A Diorama is a model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures, usually in a miniature form. Incorporating homemade items, along with brilliant Britains playsets, can yield the perfect realistic farm diorama.

How to make a diorama?

We have teamed up with Diorama specialists – ModelFarmer6710 – to share our top tips on how best to create your very own beautiful diorama’s, providing the perfect backdrop to accompany your collection of wonderful Britains models.

The base of your diorama:

It’s important to have a strong base for your diorama model which can support a range of different weights and materials. We would recommend a ply wood bottom.


How to make authentic gravel paths on your diorama:

Using a cork mat to shape your road gives a realistic texture for your path. Paint this mat grey and sprinkle it with cement powder, as it dries you’ll see if takes on a gravel like texture – as if it’s been driven over multiple times.


How to make your dioramas farm dirt tracks and grass verges:

To create grass or gravel verges on your diorama model, dip tissue paper into PVA glue mixed with water and twist out the excess water – just like Papier Mache! Place the moistened tissue paper directly onto the ply wood, wherever you’d like your dirt track/ grass verge to form. Repeat this as many times as you like, but make sure you leave the model to dry over night to harden.

Once you’re happy, add a coat of PVA mixture and either sprinkle cement powder or static grass, depending on the scene you’re creating, on top.


How to make authentic brick walls on your farm scene diorama:

Farm’s are known for their classic brick walls, and the best way to recreate these on your diorama, is to use plastic block casks to keep their shape.

Line your block casks with grease proof paper. Mix gravel with PVA glue to create an authentic, brick affect, and fill your mould with the mixture.

Once dry, remove the grease proof paper and add a little more glue to ensure it’s firmly in place -whether that’s surrounding your entire diorama model or lining your dirt tracks.


How to add the final touches to your Diorama:

Now it’s time to add your collection of Britains farm animals, models and accessories to your diorama to make it look like a working farm.

At Britains, we think our Metallic Olive Green Valtra Playset and the Massey Ferguson 5612 Tractor Playset are the perfect additions to accompany any Diorama!


Where to learn more about diorama’s?

To see the full video featuring Model Farmer 6710’s top tops visit the Britains Farm Toys Facebook page.

To find inspiration for your next diorama theme, follow Model Farmer 6710 on Facebook and Youtube as well as keep an eye out on our Britains Facebook and Instagram page where we love to re-share our fans lovely models.