Fordson Major (100 Years Anniversary Model)

This unique Commemorative Edition, launched to celebrate 100 years since Britains introduced the Model Home Farm in 1921, welcomes back the Fordson Major Tractor. The E27N was the company’s very first model tractor, launched in 1948, just three years after the full size original which was in production from 1945 to 1952. The original toy was available with ‘spudded’ metal wheels (127F), and with rubber tyres (128F) as reproduced today in this special collector’s centenary edition. Just 7,500 of these will be made, most with the Fordson Major’s signature blue livery and orange wheels with rubber, complete with orange vertical logo lettering on either side of the nose cone.
Supplied in a special Limited Edition closed box, the Fordson Major will have pride of place in any collector’s barn. There may even be a bigger surprise in store: just 100 of the 7,500 boxes will open to reveal an ultra-rare edition tractor! Finished in a gleaming coat of gold paint with a lacquered finish, these have been specially commissioned to celebrate Britains’ 100-year anniversary. 
All the tractors are built to Britains’ exacting standards. The precision moulded die-cast metal body is full of detail, from the engine cowling at the front to the tow hitch at the back. It comes with working steering and big-tread tyres as you expect from any tractor in the Britains range. Designed with the loyal collector in mind, it is also built to last and therefore suitable for boys and girls aged 3 and up.

Item#: 43293

Age: 3y+

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