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Valtra Celebrates 70 Years of Tractor Production

by Britains

Posted on September 13, 2021 - 7:00am

We at Britains are not the only ones celebrating an anniversary this year.  Valtra also celebrates it been 70 years since the first 15 Valtra (Valmet) tractors rolled off the assembly line at the Tourula factory in Finland.  The following seven decades has seen the firm grow from a small Finnish manufacturer to become a worldwide brand.  During that time it has changed its name from Valmet to Valtra Valmet and finally to Valtra and bought Swedish BM Volvo tractor maker.  Today Valtra is part of the AGCO Corporation with factories in Finland and Brazil and sells machines in over 72 countries. 

Did you know we have been making models of the firm’s tractors for many years?  We introduced our first model, the Volvo BM 2654 tractor, in 1980.  Since the BM 2654 tractor we have released models of the 805, 8750 and 115 City tractors.  Let us know, through social media, how many of the different tractors you have.

To celebrate seven decades of tractor production Valtra is making an exclusive 70 Years Edition T Series tractors.  Only 70 of these deep, metallic red tractors will be available worldwide.  Working with Valtra we are also releasing a special black and metallic red 70th anniversary Valtra T Series model.  Watch out, it’s in the shops soon.