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Fordson Major - The History

by Britains

Posted on May 19, 2021 - 8:45am

We have been making models of Ford and Fordson tractors for over seventy years.  In fact the first model tractor we made was the Fordson E27N Major tractor.  It’s the tractor Ford began developing during the early 1940s as the replacement for the Fordson Standard tractor it had been making since 1917. 

The first E27N rolled off the production line at Ford’s Dagenham plant in 1945.  It proved popular and Ford soon ramped up production.  In 1948 Ford made over 50,000 E27N tractors and we launched our model.  Like Ford’s tractor, after the lifting of war time restrictions, we offered our tractor on rubber tyres or steel wheels.  It also came with a driver.  Later we released another Fordson E27N Major tractor in our Lilliput range and then in the late 1990s a collector’s edition with Henry Ford.

Now to celebrate our 100th anniversary we have recreated our original Fordson E27N tractor.  Made using our latest production methods the diecast model has rubber tyres and like the original model comes with a driver dressed in period cloths.  It’s also supplied in a special anniversary presentation box.  

Only 7,500 have been made - watch out for one of the 100 gold tractors we have hidden among the other tractors.